European Power to Gas platform calls for grid-integrated full scale P2G demonstrations

2 oktober 2018

For many of the functionalities of Power-to-Gas there is not a positive business case yet, however Power-to-Gas may be bankable already for some applications. Significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements are required to benefit the rentability and enable its deployment on commercial scale. With the current status of Power-to-Gas technologies, investors take a risk that their investment today might not return within the envisioned period. In order to abate investors’ and policy-makers’ uncertainties in adopting Power-to-Gas as an energy transition enabler, testing and demonstration on full-scale and in operational real life environments is the first next step that needs to be taken.

The European Power to Gas Platform therefore calls for grid-integrated full-scale Power-to-Gas demonstration projects. Since 2012 there has been a steep increase in the number of pilot plants. Currently over 45 Power-to-Gas plants have been realized or are about to be commissioned in Europe, all having a strong research and pilot character. Technology demonstration enables the further upgrade of technology maturity, needed to facilitate the implementation of power-to-gas and improved profitability. Technology demonstration gives investors and potential operators reliable information about the technology and helps them mitigating investment and technology-related risks. This, subsequently, enables Power-to-Gas projects to well-accepted standards and accelerates realization of market developments.

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