European Power-to-Gas Platform Meeting June 2016

11 juli 2016

During the first day, various interesting presentations of platform members and guest speakers were given; this included i.a. the following (for the presentation, click on the title):

Introduction to NAFTA (NAFTA)

 Biological methanation processes (MicrobEnergy GmbH)

Biological methanation processes (Electrochaea)

Electrolyzer technology of the BioCat project (Hydrogenics)

The BioCat facility as a tool for electricity grid balancing purposes (NEAS Energy)

The Future Danish Energy System; the integration of Power-to-Gas in an energy system with extensive wind resources (Energinet.DK)

Smart energy systems and the role of Power-to-Gas (DNV GL)

Gotland Power-to-Gas feasibility study (Sweco)

Developments on Power-to-Gas and Project Market Place (DNV GL)

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 BioCat Project Site Visit 

The second day consisted of a site visit of the BioCat facility, organised by Electrochaea; one of the companies of the BioCat Project consortium. 

The overall objective of the BioCat Project is to design, engineer, and construct a commercial-scale power-to-gas facility and demonstrate its capabilities to provide energy storage services to the Danish energy system.

The facility uses an advanced alkaline electrolyzer and a biological methanation system to produce pipeline-grade renewable gas for injection and storage in a local gas distribution grid. Located at the wastewater treatment plant Avedøre south of Copenhagen (Denmark), the facility also acts as a demonstrator of the technical capability and economic viability of oxygen and heat recycling in the on-site wastewater operations.  For more information on the BioCat Project, you can visit the website.

Hydrogen Refueling Station

After visiting the BioCat Facility a short visit to the Hydrogen Refueling Station at the Borgmester Christiansens Gade was planned to see how it works and get a demonstration of one of the users of this station.