Field trial of power-to-gas in Rozenburg

25 april 2013

Energy consultancy company DNV KEMA is one of the partners in a practical test in Rozenburg, Rotterdam district, where residents of an apartment will make natural gas produced from surplus electricity. It is the first time that this technology, known as Power-to-gas (electricity becoming natural gas), is used in the Netherlands. To this end, DNV KEMA signed a letter of intern on April 19th this year

Power-to-Gas is one of the solutions to make use of excess electricity in a functional way, for example in the case that the wind is blowing hard and / or the sun is shining exuberantly. Power-to-Gas also expected to play a more important role in the transition to a sustainable energy system.

The trial will last five years. Besides DNV KEMA  grid operator Stedin, the community of Rozenburg and housing coöperative Ressort Wonen are partners in this project.

Download the press-release (in Dutch) here