H2 Energy Renaissance, a Patented Hydrogen Generator That Produces Affordable Hydrogen, Coming Soon

24 maart 2016

H2 Energy Renaissance has developed an affordable hydrogen generator, that produces cheap hydrogen gas, that safely powers homes, cars and factories

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) March 22, 2016

For the past seven years, the team at H2 Energy Renaissance, a California-based startup, has been working to develop a clean, safe and affordable new fuel source. The team, composed of some of the world’s top PhD scientists with backgrounds including NASA and other top research centers, has patented a hydrogen generator that is coming soon to Indiegogo.

The H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator was first developed in 2009 by a R&D team led by co-founder and President Jack Aganyan. CEO and co-founder Kirill Gichunts decided to push the idea of developing a new, clean technology. “Our team worked together to develop a revolutionary technology that would benefit both mankind and the environment,” Gichunts said. “We prototyped and tested over seven models of Energy Renaissance to ensure our generator was safe and reliable for both consumer and industry use.”

H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator, utilizes breakthrough technology, is completely clean, safe and delivers power (for electricity and fuel needs) 50 percent cheaper than fossil fuels. The H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator can power anything from cars, ships and trains to consumer homes and office buildings. The generator is composed of an intricate synthesis of 16 physical and chemical processes that are combined and tuned to work in unison to produce clean, affordable hydrogen.

The patented technology used to create H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator is composed of a water solution, basic metals and a minute amount of electricity. When combined with oxygen, hydrogen turns into water when burned. In turn, H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator and the hydrogen releases zero greenhouse gases, preventing harmful effects on both the environment and mankind. The technology by H2 Energy Renaissance has potential to reverse climate change.

The H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator has the ability to help solve issues caused by scarce, dirty and dangerous fuels that are affecting the surrounding environment. Oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power all pose various threats to both wildlife and mankind. H2 Energy Renaissance provides an affordable, clean, convenient and safe alternative to fossil fuels.

H2 Energy Renaissance will be offering discounts on two models for its crowdfunding campaign. The smaller H2 Energy Renaissance unit, enough to power a home, measures at approximately 10” wide x 12” high x “12 long and weighs approximately 50 pounds. The larger hydrogen generator, enough to create fuel for trucks, trains, ships and other vehicles, measures at approximately 15” wide x 20” high by 32” long and weighs about 250 pounds.

The output of H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator has been tested by EPA certified prominent engineering and gas measurement companies TRC Solutions and Airkinetics. The test result certificates are available on the company website. The tests were conducted in accordance with EPA standards. The revolutionary technology in the H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator is ready to license and will be available on Indiegogo with special discounts for limited time. For more information, visit http://www.h2energyrenaissance.co.

About H2 Energy Renaissance

H2 Energy Renaissance is a California-based startup founded in 2009. The organization is led by co-founder and CEO Kirill Gichunts and is comprised of some of the world’s top researchers with the same dedication to protecting the environment and promoting green technology. H2 Energy Renaissance received a Galloway Nielsen Foundation grant in 2013 to continue working and developing upon their now-patented Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator. For more information, visit their website at http://www.h2energyrenaissance.co.