Power To Gas

Power-to-gas is the functional description of the conversion of electrical power into a gaseous energy carrier like e.g. hydrogen or methane. Circa 40 projects are currently in operation in Europe:
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Links with other platforms

Our goal is to have as much as possible an open relation with other expertise groups, in order to disseminate bi-directionally all relevant information and to contribute to the state of the art of power-to-gas.

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Our Way Of Working

Three times a year the Platform members gather at one of the offices of the partners (rotating) to update about experiences or study results. Additionally, agreements are made upon the continuation of the Platform and the work that will be done.

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Latest News

White Paper on power-to-gas published by European Power to Gas Platform

  • 19 September 2017

The European Power to Gas Platform has published a White Paper on power-to-gas in a decarbonized Euroepan energy system based on renewable energy sources. This White Paper introduces the different services power-to-gas can provide to the energy and transport sector as well as chemical and processing industries and gives an overview on the economic potential. It also reflects the technological state-of-the-art and describes expected developments. [...]

New study released on potential role of power-to-gas in the e-Highway2050 study

  • 18 September 2017

The European Power to Gas Platform released a study addressing the economic and system implications of using large scale power-to-gas installations in a purely renewables based European energy system. After the publication of the e-Highway2050 study in 2015, a study with the overarching objective to map out a pan-European electricity transmission network capable of meeting European energy needs between 2020 and 2050, the members of the European Power to Gas Platform identified a need to investigate whether there is a potential of power-to-gas in this context. In order to reach this objective, one interconnection was chosen as object of study from the reference (100% RES) scenario form the e-Highway2050 study and compared to number of power-to-gas cases in terms of total system costs. [...]

Our objectives

  • Map out when power-to-gas can be implemented succesfully
  • Support the formation fo collaborations
  • Involve all stakeholders in exploring the possibilities in Europe
  • Line up all stakeholders for supporting R&D and demonstration projects