Mapping of energy storage innovation in Europe

20 mei 2016

 SETIS Magazine, December 2013


Europe is betting heavily on storage

A total of fourteen countries were covered, together with activities co-funded by the European Commission (e.g. through FP7). It turned out that – over the past five years – almost EUR 1 billion had been invested in this field spread over 391 distinct projects. This was significantly more than expected.

The mapping provides an overview by looking into the technological orientation of each project and by mapping at which level it is related to the electricity grid (from generation of transmission to distribution and end users). This approach will help inform further decisions on the role of storage in grid development and the interactions between both.

Globally speaking, national funding amounts to close to EUR 800 million; the EC’s share is around 200 million and is thus very sizeable in comparison to the average share of European funding in R&D. The bulk of the budgets is spent on electrochemical storage (mostly batteries), power-to-gas and thermal storage.


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