New study released on potential role of power-to-gas in the e-Highway2050 study

18 september 2017

Four out of seven analysed PtG cases showed lower total system costs compared to the 100% RES e-Highway2050 reference scenario. Despite the low cycle efficiency of ~45%, power-to-gas turned out to be an economically beneficial storage technology for low-cost electricity from hydropower plants in Norway and otherwise curtailed electricity from wind and solar generation capacity. When the hydrogen is re-electrified in gas-to-power installations, expensive back-up capacities do not need to be called upon reducing overall electricity generation costs throughout Europe.

Also for long-distance transmission of energy, power-to-gas resulted to be an interesting option in a situation where existing natural gas infrastructure can be used for hydrogen transport; the additional transmission capacity allows for an optimized use of produced renewable electricity.

DNV GL which is chairing the European Power to Gas Platform was engaged to perform this study in close collaboration with the partners. The Platform is an industry initiative with the aim to facilitate the dialogue between all stakeholders of the power-to-gas value chain. It provides them with a forum to gain and exchange knowledge and explore the conditions under which power-to-gas can be successful.

The report can be downloaded here.